Who we are

AUVESY (AUtomated VErsioning SYstems) is the software producer behind versiondog, the world’s leading version control & data management system for automated production. The company has grown steadily since it was founded in 2007 and it continues to go from strength to strength.

GE Energy Management

GE Energy Management deals with all facets of electrification. Their global teams design technology solutions for the transmission, distribution, management, conversion and optimization of electrical power across multiple energy-intensive industries. The company focuses mainly on digital energy, industrial solutions, power conversion and consulting on specific energy-related issues.

GE Intelligent Platforms

GE Intelligent Platforms provides industrial software, control systems and embedded computing platforms to optimize the assets and equipment of customers across all industries: power, manufacturing, water, mining, oil & gas, defense, aerospace and more. The company operates in two related markets: Automation and Embedded Computing, providing advanced computer boards, systems and software applications.

GE Oil & Gas

GE Oil & Gas is a world leader in advanced technology equipment and services for all segments of the oil and gas industry, from exploration and production to downstream solutions. The company deals in products and services related to drilling, offshore and undersea installations, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), refinery of petrochemicals, gas storage and delivery, industrial power generation, and unconventional resources.

GE Industrial Solutions

GE Industrial Solutions enables customers in more than 60 countries and in various industries to overcome their electrical distribution and power challenges. The company’s advanced technologies cover the entire electrical infrastructure (substations, critical equipment and power processing), from system design through product installation, as well as service that extends the lifecycle of the system.



GE Power & Water

GE Power & Water handles complex challenges in accessing clean and sustainable sources of power and water, together with productivity and efficiency. The company provides a full array of advanced power generation and water optimization technologies in gas engines and turbines, nuclear energy, solar power, steam turbines, wind turbines and water treatment equipment; along with related services.




Beijer Electronics develops, markets, sells and supports HMI (Human-Machine Interface) products for industrial and non-industrial automation, providing innovative system integration. Their products are compatible with all leading automation equipment brands, backed by rigorous design standards, quality testing and after-sales support.



Mennekes International (Germany)

A global leader in electrical products for the last 75 years, Mennekes manufactures, assembles and fabricates more than 15,000 different wiring devices, switched receptacles, disconnect switches and power distribution products, all built to withstand extreme environmental conditions. The Company excels in customized engineering for specific customer needs in 80 countries, with user-friendly safety as first priority.



Consolidated/ GE Energy (USA)

For more than 125 years, Consolidated Valves have been relied upon for quality, safety and dependability. GE Energy, the distributor of Consolidated Valves, supports customers worldwide with an OEM program using original Consolidated Valve parts. Built for specific applications, these OEM products offer years of reliable, cost-effective performance.



Masoneilan/ GE Energy (USA)

The Masoneilan brand, part of the GE Energy product line, is known for its valve control and safety around the world, with a full range of anti-surge and hydraulic valves, control valves and safety relief valves. High-quality materials and durability, together with a wide range of configuration options and microprocessor management, enable simplified installation and cost-effective valve performance and maintenance.



Nuovo Pignone / GE Oil & Gas (Italy)

Nuovo Pignone is a subsidiary of GE Oil & Gas, a leader in advanced technology equipment and services for all segments of the oil and gas industry in more than 100 countries. The Italian company manufactures quality machinery for customers engaged in drilling offshore or subsea, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), industrial power generation, petrochemical refineries, LNG solutions and unconventional resources.



GE Bently Nevada (USA)

GE Bently Nevada specializes in machinery protection and condition monitoring, especially in oil & gas and power generation (conventional and renewable). The company’s Asset Condition Monitoring offers reliable vibration monitoring equipment and services to improve the reliability and performance of equipment, including non-destructive testing (NDT), sensing, ongoing monitoring control, instrumentation and radiation measurement.



Madei Taas

Madei Taas Ltd. is a privately owned company with over 30 years of expertise. Its activities focus in two fields: instrumentation and flow control devices for the process industry, and equipment and technologies for environment protection. Madei Taas provides turnkey projects combining engineering, equipment procurement, installation and commissioning, as well as after-sales service and repairs.



Taprogge (Germany)

Since 1953, Taprogge has been operating in the optimization of water circuits, particularly in power stations, seawater desalination plants, refrigeration and industrial plants. In this special field, the company is the international market leader with its innovations in process technology and plant engineering. The company maintains a market presence in Europe, the Far East, East Europe and the USA.



Stock Equipment Co. (USA)

Stock is a division of the Schenck Process Group, and over the past 70 years the company has built a reputation as a trusted leader in solutions for the global power generation industry. Key product groups include feeder systems, valves, environmental controls and bulk material handling, all of which are developed, manufactured, assembled, and marketed as products and turnkey systems.



SPX Flow Technology (UK/USA)

SPX Flow Technology serves a wide range of industries: dairy, food and beverage; biotechnology, pharmaceutical and personal care; HVAC; power generation, oil and gas; mining and minerals, marine, chemical and compressed air. Their production of engineered components like pumps, valves, heat exchangers and dryers also extends to complete packaged systems, to improve all types of manufacturing processes.



Schenk / Redler (England)

A member of the Schenk Group, Redler is a global provider of industrial bulk-material handling equipment and technologies for container loading systems, bulk reception units and mobile hoppers for shipping; as well as bucket elevators and bridge distribution systems. In waste management, Redler has developed innovative equipment for handling bulk materials and managing industrial processes.



McLanahan (USA)

McLanahan is a global supplier of processing equipment for minerals, aggregates and polymers, with customer service hubs in the USA, UK, Australia, South America and Africa. The company manages its own plants with in-house engineers, machinists, fabricators and assembly personnel, who oversee the complete design and manufacturing processes from the ground up.



Innovative Steam Technologies (Canada)

Innovative Steam Technologies (IST) is the leading supplier in the world today of heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) for medium-size steam generators. So far IST has sold over 190 units in 19 countries. IST is a specialist in Once Through Steam Generators (OTSG) and quality steam for Advanced Oil Recovery (AOR), as well as for emerging technologies like organic waste heat recovery.



GEA Heat Exchangers (Germany)

GEA is a world producer of a wide spectrum of heat exchangers: plate, shell and tube heat exchangers, air-cooled heat exchangers and air filter systems. They also produce synthetic fillings for numerous applications: wet cooling towers and dry cooling systems, as well as air-conditioning technology. They have the world’s largest portfolio in this field, with a worldwide manufacturing and service network.



FLSmidth / Moeller (Germany)

As a division of the international cement engineering firm FLSmidth headquartered in Denmark, Moeller is a specialist in manufacturing pneumatic and dry pumps for the storage and loading of fine-grained bulk minerals. They lead Europe in the expert handling of cement, lime, aluminum, gypsum and abrasive powders. The company also has a market presence in the USA and India.



Engineered Pump Services, Inc. (USA)

An engineering company specializing in the repair of pumps and pump-related equipment, EPS has built an international following among energy and water utilities, municipalities, industrial plants and governmental agencies. The Company also provides engineering support in hydraulics, consultancy in manufacturing, and field supervision services to ensure safety, high performance, cost-effectiveness and long operational life.



Clyde Bergemann (USA)

Clyde Bergemann, Inc. is part of the Clyde Bergemann Power Group (CBPG), the world’s largest supplier of boiler cleaning and ash-handling technologies. Their solutions for improved boiler performance include innovative and advanced on-load boiler cleaning solutions for operators and manufacturers. CB serves an international market in the fields of power generation, pulp and paper processing, industrial processes and waste-to-energy technologies.



Argo International (USA)

Argo is a leading global provider of drives, controls, power delivery, pumps and related products, an international partner with Middle Market Manufacturers and End-User customers. Besides design and manufacture of innovative products, Argo engineers also provide consultancy for end-users on parts, service, maintenance and supply-chain management; as well as after-market expertise and sourcing contacts to lower costs for manufacturers.



Ascot S.r.l. (Italy)

Ascot excels in manufacturing low and medium voltage hybrid or diesel on-site generators, designed for diverse applications such as Telecomm, Defense, Electricity, Transport, Water, Health, Industry and Broadcasting. The Company adapts the engineering design for customer needs in extreme and variable climatic conditions in 15 countries, complete with O&M services for the lifetime of the installation.



Afton Pumps Inc. (USA)

Afton is a specialist in the manufacture of vertical pumps, backed by more than 50 years of experience in quality hydraulic pumps of all types. Afton adapts the engineering design to specific client application requirements, which comply with API-610 Hydraulic Institute standards. The product often includes improvements above and beyond customer requests. Afton’s customer base spans more than 20 countries around the world.



Hitachi HVB, Inc (USA)

Hitachi HVB is an international pioneer in electrical equipment such as high-voltage circuit breakers, gas-insulated switchgear, and generator main circuit breakers. The company created the industry’s first environmentally safe high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker, which provides exceptionally low maintenance and operation costs with no environmental hazards.



Peerless Manufacturing (USA)

Peerless is a global leader in designing and supplying compact and efficient filtration and separation equipment, industrial silencers, heat exchangers and environmental systems for reduced air pollution. The company serves the energy industry, including gas and oil production, petrochemical processing, and power generating facilities. Peerless is based in the USA with branches located in the UK, Canada, China and Singapore.



Beck Industries (France)

Beck Industries is the European leader in the production of threaded components for energy markets, oil production and mechanized industry. With almost 100 years of experience and nine production units worldwide, Beck serves the markets of civil engineering, wind energy, marine engineering, railway construction, petrochemical production and nuclear power. The company is active in Europe, Asia and Africa.



Solar Frontier K.K. (Japan)

Solar Frontier creates the most economical, ecological solar energy solutions in the market. Since the 1970s, the company has been developing and manufacturing CIS (copper-indium-selenium) thin-film solar modules for customers in all industries, with the advantages of lower energy requirements and higher overall output. Solar Frontier is headquartered in Tokyo, with offices in Europe, the USA and the Middle East.



Motech Industries, Inc (Taiwan)

Motech Industries is dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of high-quality solar products and services, including photovoltaic (PV) cells, modules, inverters and power systems. Motech has been ranked among the top ten solar-cell manufacturers worldwide in terms of production output. Motech’s headquarters are located in Taiwan with subsidiaries in China, Japan and the USA.



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