Automation & Software Division

Treatment of municipal wastewater

Customer: Hagihon Company Ltd. – Jerusalem

The MBR (Membrane Bio-Reactor) system, located in the Har Homa neighborhood of Jerusalem, is used for the treatment of municipal wastewater flow. It was designed by General Engineers in three phases, with hydraulic capacities beginning at 2,800 in the first phase and expanding to 5,600 m3/d in the third, with the possibility of an optional expansion to 7000 m3/d in a future fourth phase.

The control strategy focused on the core membrane, the Ultra-Filtration process and related operations, along with the capacity to interface with additional systems. The high efficiency of the control system allowed it to process up to 7000 m3/d each day and achieve a peak capacity of 750 m3 per hour. The technical aspects include the Cimplicity HMI/Scada system, RX3i PLCs and 1000 I/O points.

MES for production management & resource availability

Customer: Kafrit Industries (1993) Ltd.

The MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is based on General Electric’s Proficy Plant Applications for production system management – in this case applied to Kafrit’s raw-material production for the plastics industry (one of the world’s largest producers).

The MES interfaces with the customer’s existing ERP system by Oracle, working in complete synchronic harmony: the ERP handles all business matters, while the MES handles all production management processes. The MES also interfaces with all machinery in the plant, registering production data: setup times, down-time, shift production rates, stoppage causes, pressure, temperature, production times, chemical composition of raw materials and more.

The data is stored in the Historian Database, able to handle 100,000 events per second. The Proficy Plant Applications enable analysis of the collected data, generation of a variety of reports on production and interruptions, and location of points needing improvement. Reports are distributed by Web Portal, allowing all authorized personnel to extract desired reports and use the data, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings.

MES application

Customer: Shemen Industries

The MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is based on General Electric’s Proficy Plant Applications for production system management. It replaced the customer’s HMI/SCADA system and is based on a PCIM system within the Cimplicity HMI program by General Electric. The goal was to provide a solution for more efficient production management and control in the organization.

The first stage was to install an Efficiency Model designed to streamline the production system, followed by the installation of a Product Quality Model for quality control, and a Production Model to track products and production processes. The system is based on the Historian Database, enabling the handling of 100,000 events per second and processing in synchronization with a Priority ERP system. Also installed was a Real Time Information Portal, a web-based organization-wide portal for monitoring and distribution of reports in real time, which enables data analysis via a large number of database types.

Desalination plant at Lahat

Customer: Mekorot Water Company

General Engineers provided a comprehensive turnkey solution for software and control of the “Lahat” desalination plant, resulting in high-quality drinking water that meets the latest Israeli standards.

The process includes receiving feed water from wells into a feed tank, pumping it through cartridge filters, and then channeling it through high-pressure pumps for the Reverse Osmosis process. The RO concentrate pressure is used to boost the RO feed via an energy-recovery Turbocharger. RO concentrate is carried to a regional concentrate pipeline, and then goes through post-treatment stages (pH adjustment and mixing with other well water to reach drinking-water quality).

The project included characterization, application and implementation of the “Lahat” plant, with an initial yield of 20,000 cubic meters per day (later expanded to 40,000 cubic meters per day). Technical components included the Cimplicity HMI/Scada system, RX3i PLCs and 7000 I/O points.

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