Energy & Infrastructure Division

Supply of a power station for electricity production

Customer: Nesher Cement Industries

Our engineers, as exclusive representatives of GE Energy in Israel for decades, supplied a 50 Megawatt power plant with open recycling, driven by a GE Sprint PF turbine (LM6000), a model with proven success in more than 1000 installations worldwide. This turbine, installed at the Nesher plant in Ramle, was the first of its kind in Israel.

The project began in 2008 and was connected to the national grid in 2009, with General Engineers accompanying the process from beginning to end alongside the customer’s engineers. Our expertise was also applied to fine-tuning and upgrading the equipment after installation to meet the support and logistical needs, as well as supervising local production work and required changes to the system.

This plant was then expanded to a “combined cycle” system by adding a GE gas turbine and IST turbine installed with an efficient steam-boiler generator. This upgrade was performed under the expertise of GE and the General Engineers team, and was commissioned in 2013.

Sale of two natural gas turbines for the Ramat Hovav power station

Customer: Israel Electric Corp

As the exclusive representative for General Electric International in Israel, General Engineers sold natural gas turbines (model MS9001E) for use in Power Units 6 and 7 at Ramat Hovav. We handled all stages of the acquisition, from pricing to delivery; this included receipt of the shipment, local procurement, logistical support with GE experts and supervision of turbine installation. We also helped the customer define the needs from both the technical and commercial aspects.

These 230 Megawatt turbines, purchased in 2009 as part of Israel’s emergency program to expand power production capacity, are also rated environmentally friendly.

National water-filtering installation for the Jordan Valley region

Customer: Mekorot Water Company

In 2008, Mekorot completed its flagship project for filtering water from the Sea of Galilee for the national water conduit. It is one of the most advanced filtering systems in the world, supplying the highest technical level of purity.

General Engineers supplied the General Electric management and monitoring equipment which controls the installation: PAC Systems and the Cimplicity HMI program from GE-FANUC. The system features highest levels of redundancy and availability, via backup components that automatically activate in case of main controller or HMI failure. The RX3i Model is the new generation controller, able to handle 32K input and 32K output (digital and analog), with 1GHZ processing speed via Intel’s Celeron/Pentium technology, and 64MB memory – enabling documents in various formats (PDF, Word, Excel and more).

The Proficy Machine Edition program provides user flexibility in a sophisticated environment, while the IEC 61131 allows easy maintenance and tools for locating problems.

Machinery diagnostic services and vibration analysis

Customer: Large paper-production plant

Machinery Diagnostic Service is essential healthcare for an industry’s most critical assets. In 2012, General Engineers, together with General Electric–Bentley Nevada, performed such a service for a leading paper mill, to detect potential mechanical failures in the steam turbine that drives the plant’s power process. The customized service was carried out by a specialist trained in machinery diagnostics for rotating equipment, using a special analyzer to collect dynamic data.

The collected data was used to analyze mechanical process performance, and to design a solution for higher dependability of the critical integrated components, leading to long-term machine reliability. Our expert also determined how to refine the process for top efficiency by analyzing the dynamic behavior of the turbine. After collecting and analyzing vibration samples, a detailed report was issued with a detailed action plan.

Hybrid power unit for military surveillance

Customer: Israeli Defense Forces

In 2013, General Engineers was called to a high-security location to design and install a Hybrid Power Unit for special IDF surveillance technology. General Engineers’ electrical, mechanical and control engineers worked in a team with the client to define, optimize, purchase and install the various components to provide the optimal solution.

The HPU (acquired from Ascot, Italy) is comprised of an efficient DC diesel generator, a high-cycle deep-discharge battery bank, fuel tanks and a solar panel, all packaged in a compact integrated solution.

This installation produces all the required power with minimal operating costs and maximum reliability and efficiency. The solar panels are maintenance-free, and their thin-film construction (from Solar Frontier, Japan) enables them to work well under unfavorable conditions: partial shade, radiation, temperature, dust, etc. The long-life batteries and the controller governing the system are also maintenance-free.

Control and protection system for sub-station

Customer: Israel Electric Corp, Sub-Station Planning Dept.

In 2007, Israel Electric ordered 20 SCS station control systems (161/24 KV). This system is based on the proven reliability of the GE Multiline F650 protection and control relays, the most advanced in the market. They were integrated with the new IEC-61850 communication protocol inside a GE Power HMI.

The scope of the project included planning, engineering, application, commission and certification, along with support for hardware, software and communication. In 2013, this project was extended to the Palestinian Authority, and the GE Multiline equipment will soon be installed in the PA’s new IEC sub-station.


Capacitor banks for the national electric grid

Customer: Israel Electric Corp.

In 2013, General Engineers, in teamwork with Ardan Engineering Ltd, supplied the IEC with a tailor-made integrated capacitor and reactor bank system, to improve power quality at the sub-station level.

This project integrated GE capacitors, Phoenix reactors and GE protection relays, utilizing the high-voltage electrical engineering expertise of General Engineers, together with expert Ardan design, manufacturing and integration skills. Under rigorous testing, the systems succeeded in withstanding the most severe demands of IEC quality control. This equipment will be installed in the sub-station over the next two years, in the framework of a long-term program for improving power quality.

Anom-Alert pilot plant

Customer: Large petrochemical plant

In 2013, General Engineers, together with General Electric Oil and Gas, were commissioned by a large petrochemical plant to install a monitoring and diagnostic device, in order to improve failure prediction and process performance of their electrical motors and driven equipment. This solution, with its efficient prediction of electrical and mechanical parameters, provided new levels of process reliability and component integrity.

The sophisticated device was installed on the motor’s control panel, acting as an expert system that learns the motor’s behavior: analyzing and continually benchmarking the performance trends to prevent the next potential failure. The General Engineer solution is likewise able to determine if the process is working at peak efficiency, by analyzing long-range behavior. After working for a few months, a detailed report is issued with a detailed action plan for improving performance.

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