Power Control division

General Engineers Power Control Division

General Engineers has enjoyed a distinct market advantage as a major supplier of essential components for power control in every conceivable project: distribution boards, switches, circuit-breakers, sockets and plugs. Our representation of General Electric and Mennekes, two of the most respected brands in the global market, has established a wide distribution network for our company – from large industrial plants and panel builders to retail chains and consumer households.

General Engineers’ Power Control Division took the initiative to match product quality with personalized service, added value and a continually growing knowledge base. Our unique qualifications in this discipline are supported by the collective expertise of 120 work-years shared by an engineering team that works in close, responsive cooperation with customers.

Because General Engineers’ consultants approach power-control issues as an organic project rather than a sale of isolated parts, service to our customers typically includes knowledge sharing based on long-term familiarity with the individual client’s needs, and authoritative advice providing long-term value. As a result, our company enjoys an unusually loyal clientele ranging from multinational corporations to entrepreneurs, often lasting for several generations.

General Engineers continues to maintain a leadership position in providing power-control solutions for the future. As a member company of Rapac Group, a communication and infrastructure corporation focusing on cutting-edge technologies, our Power Control Division’s direct access to the latest energy-saving innovations (such as DC photo-voltaic distribution boards) provides our customers with a competitive edge in power usage that impacts both immediate profitability and long-term viability in their respective markets.

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