National water-filtering installation for the Jordan Valley region

National water-filtering installation for the Jordan Valley region

In 2008, Mekorot completed its flagship project for filtering water from the Sea of Galilee for the national water conduit. It is one of the most advanced filtering systems in the world, supplying the highest technical level of purity.

General Engineers supplied the General Electric management and monitoring equipment which controls the installation: PAC Systems and the Cimplicity HMI program from GE-FANUC. The system features highest levels of redundancy and availability, via backup components that automatically activate in case of main controller or HMI failure. The RX3i Model is the new generation controller, able to handle 32K input and 32K output (digital and analog), with 1GHZ processing speed via Intel’s Celeron/Pentium technology, and 64MB memory – enabling documents in various formats (PDF, Word, Excel and more).

The Proficy Machine Edition program provides user flexibility in a sophisticated environment, while the IEC 61131 allows easy maintenance and tools for locating problems.


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