MES for production management & resource availability

MES for production management & resource availability

The MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is based on General Electric’s Proficy Plant Applications for production system management – in this case applied to Kafrit’s raw-material production for the plastics industry (one of the world’s largest producers).

The MES interfaces with the customer’s existing ERP system by Oracle, working in complete synchronic harmony: the ERP handles all business matters, while the MES handles all production management processes. The MES also interfaces with all machinery in the plant, registering production data: setup times, down-time, shift production rates, stoppage causes, pressure, temperature, production times, chemical composition of raw materials and more.

The data is stored in the Historian Database, able to handle 100,000 events per second. The Proficy Plant Applications enable analysis of the collected data, generation of a variety of reports on production and interruptions, and location of points needing improvement. Reports are distributed by Web Portal, allowing all authorized personnel to extract desired reports and use the data, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings.


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