Desalination plant at Lahat

Desalination plant at Lahat

General Engineers provided a comprehensive turnkey solution for software and control of the “Lahat” desalination plant, resulting in high-quality drinking water that meets the latest Israeli standards.

The process includes receiving feed water from wells into a feed tank, pumping it through cartridge filters, and then channeling it through high-pressure pumps for the Reverse Osmosis process. The RO concentrate pressure is used to boost the RO feed via an energy-recovery Turbocharger. RO concentrate is carried to a regional concentrate pipeline, and then goes through post-treatment stages (pH adjustment and mixing with other well water to reach drinking-water quality).

The project included characterization, application and implementation of the “Lahat” plant, with an initial yield of 20,000 cubic meters per day (later expanded to 40,000 cubic meters per day). Technical components included the Cimplicity HMI/Scada system, RX3i PLCs and 7000 I/O points.


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